The Age of Science
Digital Drugs Coalition presents Eternity, Weirdel, Ectima, Bo, Lupin, Twisted Reaction, Ovnimoon, Elegy, A-Mush, Jaws Underground with their latest track titled The Age of Science. Digital Drugs Coalition is back and presents the second full length album from WeirDel called The Age of Science. This album is half remixes of classic tracks released on various Geomagnetic Family labels and is also featuring four original creations written with Bo, including remixes for Ectima, Lupin, Twisted Reaction, Elegy vs Ovnimoon and Jaws Underground vs A-Mush. Pantelis Kontodimos started playing music in 2000 as a dj but over the years dealt with the production of psytrance and forest trance music. Now he is a producer on Ovnimoon-Geomagnetic-Digital Drugs Coalition records and member of Natural High Family!!!!