Sadhu Squad
Digital Drugs Coalition presents Ecstatic Earth with their latest track titled Sadhu Squad. Ecstatic Earth is back with new psychedelic blaster \'Sadhu Squad\'! Ecstatic earth(Rajiv Rajgor) is a DJ/producer/ethnomusicologist from India, As the music, we listen to carries with its resonance with a certain level of consciousness. Ecstatic earth\'s musical selection If tried to characterized then is folk, ethnic, funk, tribal, forest, religious trance, sacred mantras and every other aspect of a being which we as a human race are detuned with the creator through vocals and chants of master(that is lifestyle food forests mountains) .creating a piece of mind-bending music to ignite serotonin in one\'s body. the aim is to create a transcending bubble where everyone experiences oneness that is too mysterious for words and triggers bliss